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Our Academics

In order to best serve the needs of our community, we offer a wide variety of program options for children from six weeks to school-age. In addition to our full-time programs, parents can select part-time schedules for their infants, toddlers, preschoolers, or school-age children.

Our infant program is designed to give space for infants to move, explore and discover manipulatives while promoting a warm and “family-like” environment. By thoughtful listening and through respectful verbal and physical cues, our teachers intend to create an atmosphere where each child feels secure and loved. Basic sign language is introduced to communicate needs and wants, and the promotion of daily routine focuses on the needs of each child. Sensory, art, music, language, and fine/gross motor experiences are introduced to support learning objectives. Older infants eat snacks and meals in groups to encourage development of motor skills and teach appropriate social interactions. Each classroom houses a separate crib area for napping and a changing station.


Our Toddler program places a  significant emphasis on modeling appropriate language and behavior, in an effort  to create a respectful environment where trust, self-esteem, communication, and teamwork are represented. In addition, our teachers are trained to take verbal and social cues from toddlers in order to restructure the curriculum to promote the interests of the children. The lesson plans create the framework for a broad curricular experience. Children are exposed to music, art, dramatic play, sensory, motor-development, science, nature, and pre-math experiences on a regular basis through age appropriate group work.

Pre-School & Pre-K

Our Preschool and Pre-K program employs both a Traditional and Montessori approach to early childhood education. Our children starting as young as  2 ½ are introduced to the fundamentals of early learning by engaging in stimulating as well as hands-on activities that encompass a wide variety of educational experiences. These activities incorporate emergent literacy, music, art, dramatic play, motor development, math, nature, and science. Our Pre-K students focus on “Kindergarten readiness” and our curriculum is emphasized by integrating state learning standards throughout ongoing educational experiences.

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