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Our Testimonials

“We have been sending our three children to Our Kids Place since our oldest was five months old.  The caring and loving OKP staff encourage our children to play and learn as they grow and have created an environment that gives us as parents peace of mind that they are loved and cared for.  OKP has become an extension of our family and we are very grateful for the care they provide for our children!” - Katie, Mother of 3, Madeira

“My wife and I are thankful that OKP is in our lives. OKP has provided care for each of my three children in their early years. They have cared for them like their own kids - with kindness, understanding, and enthusiasm. My children come home happy and engaged. We consider everyone at OKP an extension of our own family, and over the years have appreciated their focus on communication with parents, flexibility in schedules, and the quality people that work hard day in and day out.” - Josh, Father of 3, Montgomery

We feel it when Jasmine and Kaitlyn and the other teachers in Harry’s room greet us with an enthusiastic “Baby Hay Hay!” at drop off in the morning. I feel like they are genuinely happy to see him- and he’s definitely all smiles when he sees them! Last week I walked from home with Harry in the stroller to pick up Griffin at school, and when we came in the doors Margarita (spelling?) and several other teachers went out of their way to pop out into the hallway to say hi to Harry! I truly feel like they care so much for him. Side note- have i mentioned how much I love seeing Shanee’s face in the infant room at pickup?! I think she needs to be persuaded to come back full time :)


Griffin is at an age where he actually comes home and talks about his school day now, naming all the teachers he loves playing with- the lucky ones, past and present, have even earned endearing nicknames from him like “Toot Toot” and “Boo” ;) Girls who aren’t even his lead teachers (or even in his room!) are always greeting him by name, and he will run up and high five them or give them hugs.


I’ve so appreciated everyone in the toddler room’s support and patience with Griffin as we tackled potty training last week. Griffin has done great with it at school, and I really feel a big part of it is the support and safety he feel from his teachers there. Of course, poor Annamarie has subjected herself to mymany texts about potty business- comes with the territory of being my cousin and having her cell number ;) - but she is always patient with me and supportive.


So, I know you guys probably don’t hear it enough, but we truly appreciate all of the time and effort you put in to caring for our boys. A heartfelt thank you to all- just because!“ - Wright Family, Madeira

“All of the teachers and staff at OKP treat our children with love and respect. My husband and I are able to spend our days at work with comfort in knowing that our children are well cared for.” - Mother of 2, Madeira

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